What Can Mo Travel  Book? 


Mo Travel can book through any airline for both domestic and international flights. Let us help you find the best deal. 

Clients cannot only book a flight through Mo Travel. They have to book other travel services with their flight. 


Traveling comes in many forms and Mo Travel covers them all! We have access to all types of lodgings available to guests including hotels, all inclusive resorts, villas, and more. Come see what exciting new adventure with the best rates and benefits Mo Travel can find for you! 


Mo Travel can help you book a flight as well as other transport services including airport pickups, car rentals, train tickets, and bus tickets. 


Getting tired of trying to plan out a bunch of excursions through differnet sites? Let Mo Travel organize and book all of it for you. We go the extra mile at Mo Travel to make sure you have enough time to see all the sights, shows, do all the activities, and anything else you can imagine. Need to plan a fancy date night, let Mo Travel handle reservations for you at whichever restaurant of your choice. 


Yes! Mo Travel can also book cruises including adding drink packages, excursions, and other add ons to create your perfect cruise! Come see what packages we can find for you! 

Group Travel

Mo Travel can book any type of group travel. We can help coordinate with all the guests and keep everything organized for the host. Pack your bags and plan a trip with your family or friends. 


Yes, Mo Travel can accomodate parties from bachelor/bachelorettes, birthday parties, weddings, and more. 

How Does Booking Work? 

All you have to do is contact Mo Travel. If you submit the form on the contact page, please leave a phone number in the message box if you want me to call instead of email. In the message, you can add your goals for the trip, dates for the trip, and the budget. 


After we get in contact with you, we will be able to present you with options for your next vacation. You will have a chance to accept or request changes to any itinerary we have made. After that, we finish the booking and you get to look forward to your next big adventure! 

Contact Us Here 


phone: 1-803-807-7525

email: moriah.austin@luxrallytravel.com

What we need to know in order to help 

After you reach out to Mo Travel, you will contacted for information regarding the vacation of the dreams. This information includes the following: 

  • Possible dates for travel 
  • How many people are traveling? 
  • What kind of accommodation are you looking for? (hotel, cruise, resort, etc.) 
  • Where would you like to go? 
  • Special Occasions? 
  • Budget 
  • Goals for the trip 

(Don't panic if you don't have all the answers right away, as long as we have something to work with)

For example: Thomas is booking his honeymoon and knows his wife loves to relax on tropical beaches, and he prefers an all inclusive resort. These are the details Mo Travel needs to make your next vacation a dream come true. Let us put in the work so you can relax on a tropical beach in paradise just like Thomas and his new wife!